What can you do in Prague within a short weekend?

What can you do in Prague within a short weekend?

🌸You can see the Old Town Square and the performance on the Prague Astronomical Clock, the Orloj. A medieval tower clock, installed on the Town Hall, is run every hour from 8 am to 8 pm. The upper windows on the both sides of the stone angel are opened, and wooden painted figures of 12 apostles appear in pairs one by one. During the apostles’ procession, the dial also starts to move. The figure of Death nods its head, tolls a bell with one bony hand and turns over an hourglass with the other. Vanity turns its head and looks in the mirror from different sides, and Avarice shakes a bag of money. The show ends with a rooster crowing, and after that the cymbals beat off the next hour.

🌸You can take a stroll on the Charles Bridge,

dine on the terrace, looking at flowing waters of the Vltava.

🌸You can go up the funicular (€0.78) to Petrin Hill, take a walk in the park and climb the Petřín Lookout Tower.

🌸You can dine at the Peklo monastery restaurant (Address: Restaurant Peklo, Strahovske nadvori 133/3). It is located in a cellar, it smells a little damp, but it has a very colorful interior and excellent cuisine. You need to taste the boar knee there, roast duck with cabbage and dumplings and their own monastic dark beer – this is very tasty. An average dinner check is €16.

🌸You can visit the museum of miniature railways Railway Kingdom (Království Žtraeleznic). The museum consists of models with moving trains, where the arrows are switched, and the computer controls train traffic. Day becomes night, the lights are switched on, and windows are lit in miniature houses, street lights appear on the streets. The spectacle will be interesting for both adults and children. Ticket price for adults – 200 krowns (€7.76), for pensioners and children – up to 15 years old – 120 krown (€4.65). Kids, whose height is less than 1 meter, pay only 30 crowns (€1.16), they are the most welcome visitors.

🌸You can go on a ferry trip on the Vltava. An hour trip with an audio guide will cost €12. The ferry departs from the pier at the Chekhov Bridge (Čechův most).

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