It is an ancient citadel that is located very close to the Jaffa Gate, which is the entrance to the ancient city of Jerusalem. This place was built to reinforce a point that was defense of the ancient city, so it was built during the 11th

century BC. C; being destroyed and rebuilt by the Christians, the Muslims and the Ottomans, among some others who conquered this city, Herod I the Great, assumed power after the fall of the Asmonian dynasty, added three huge towers to the

fortifications in the years 34 – 37 a .C. its purpose was not only to defend the city; but to safeguard his own royal palace located in the vicinity of Mount Zion. Herod named the highest of the ‘Fasael’ towers in memory of his brother who had committed suicide, is the only one still standing. Followed by the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD. C the place served as a barracks for the Roman troops; and when the Roman Empire adopted Christianity with the religion of the empire in the fourth century; A community of monks settled in the citadel. After being carried out by the Arabs over the city of Jerusalem in the year 638, the new Muslim rules reigned in the citadel.

This powerful structure withstood the Crusades’ assault in 1099, and was defeated only when its defenders secured a safe exit from the city.

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