Does “Kemet” means Egypt?

Or (Km.t – Kimt – Komet – kemit – Koma – Kima.h-).
Indicates the cartouche means the descriptive symbolism “to describes a specific case”, is not name. There is a lot of evidence from the reality of papyrus manuscripts, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Hieratic scripts. It has been translated from a long study in the languages used by the

ancient Egyptian people. From here I will start my journey in a very important evidence and a new thesis in the Ancient Egyptian philology which is one of the flags of words that are wrongly attributed as the name of Egypt. Written and published several times in the titles of books, articles, names of universities, companies, and shops, including the names of men and women. In the next article: The names of ancient Egypt , what is the cartridge and what it means in the ancient Egyptian language and its relationship with the old Egyptian religion.


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